Will You Marry

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Description:A Husband Asks His Wife, "Will You Marry After I Die?" 

The Wife Responds, "No, I Will Live With My Sister."
The Wife Asks Him Back, "Will You Marry After I Die?"
The Husband Responds, "No, I Will Also Live With Your Sister."

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Needs Rest And Peace

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Doctor:Madam, Your Husband Needs Rest
And Peace So Here Are Some Sleeping Pills.
Wife: Doctor, When Should I Give Them To Him?
Doctor:They Are For You.!!

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What would you do

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Description:A man asks his wife, "What would you do if I won the lottery?" 

His wife says, "Take half and leave your ass!" 
The man replies, "Great! I won 12 bucks, here is six, now get out!

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